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The Signature Coffee Collection

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Coffee junkies will be impressed and immensely enjoy these cookie concoctions that can only be described as drinking robust coffee with chocolate or nutty undertones. Three 12-piece boxes are filled with each of the following cookie delicacies:

A Cup of Espresso
Boasting a smoky espresso flavor combined with a subtle walnut backdrop taste, these cookies pair lovely with a cup of coffee or tea. Contains less than 5% alcohol. Consume within 30 days.

Decaf Latte Cheesecake
These caffeine-free coffee bites intermingle with the rich taste of cheesecake. These cookies are as smooth as having a slice of cheesecake with a cup of latte. Consume within 5 days.

Macadamia Cappuccino
As seen on WGN-TV Cover Story and in the Good Eating Section of the Chicago Tribune, Vera's inspiration and love for coffee and nut flavors brought this cookie to life. The smooth cappuccino flavor blushes with finely ground macadamia nuts, topped off with one slightly salted macadamia nut. Pairs lovely with a glass of champagne or sparkling water. Contains less than 5% alcohol. Consume within 30 days.

The Signature Coffee Collection is packaged in a less is more way... simple yet elegant white boxes tied with choice of black or white grosgrain ribbon.

The Signature Coffee Collection
The Signature Coffee CollectionThe Signature Coffee CollectionThe Signature Coffee Collection

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